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While making the choice concerning the Nursery’s location we took under consideration the important needs of children such as, sleeping during the day. A special consideration was given to the location of the building. We wanted the building to be placed far from the traffic, in a quiet environment. We feel that what is most important, is that there is a safe environment, so that bigger children can enjoy calm and comfortable play in the fresh air, outside.

The building was inaugurated in 2010, the apartment where our Nursery is placed has never been used before. The Nursery has 3 rooms for children: Reggio Emilia Room, Play Room and the Sleeping Room. They all have been designed and organized/organized (the second spelling is American, the first is British, so whichever version you would prefer) especially according to the needs of children and to stimulate their development and healthy growth. The Nursery has a separate toilet designed for children and used only by them (the toilet is children’s size, the washing sink on children’s reach level). The working personnel has a separate toilet for their own use. We have a spacious kitchen as well.

Because of the air pollution that occurs in Kraków, we try to protect our children from it as we can. Before going out for a walk the Teachers check the level of the pollution and if it is on a dangerous level to the health of the little onces, we don’t take them outside.

The Nursery is equipped with an special PM10 and PM25 air filter, so we filter the air in the Nursery as well.

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Hygiene and cleaning standards

Hygiene and cleaning standards

We want the children to train their hygienic habits, have an opportunity to develop from the diaper and learn to use a normal toilet.

In case of an illness the parents are asked by the Nursery’s management to keep their children at home until they make a full recovery, this applies to the working personnel as well.

Child’s safetyChild’s safety

The building where Daisy Nursery is located is surrounded by 11 monitoring cameras, the entrance to the building is protected with a password entry phone, so that no stranger from outside can enter the area.

Our children do not under any circumstances leave the Nursery unattended and without proper care.

We are aware of numerous accidents that take place in homes. They are often caused by deficient caution. Daisy International Nursery has minimized the risk of possible accidents using the maximum of security tools.

Let’s list the security tools:


We thoroughly pay attention to children’s nutrition. The little children are fed with nourishments brought by their parent’s in closed, certified and signed jars. For older children we have prepared an offer of catering nourishment. The catering company is certified to provide food for children.

Children have breakfast, soup, lunch and a snack in our Nursery.

The menu for children is being prepared with extreme care for their needs, parents have the possibility to view the menu each month. We want children to try new and healthy food and to gain adequate healthy feeding habits.

In case of allergic problems to certain products, we consult the parents and prepare a special menu.

The goal of our Nursery is: for the older children - through gaining experience learning the savoir-vivre of eating and learning the right habits. For the little children the goal is - to teach them eating independently (without help of parents).

The beverages are prepared from bottled water, appropriate for children.


We pay full attention to the day plan of our Nursery. Children need rituals, repeatability that give them a sense of security. Therefore, all of the activities at the Nursery take place every day at the very same hour. Sleeping and resting is a very important part of a child’s life. Children sleep at the same time each day. These hours are 12:00 to 14:15 and they sleep in the play room. The Nursery is equipped with certified, plastic, safe and very comfortable beds for our little ones. During the nap time in the room there is one teacher to watch over the children’s safety and sleep. The average sleeping time of the children is 1,5 hours.

All of the children willingly sleep in our Nursery.

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