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Barbara Kulac Daisy
Ul.Grota-Roweckiego 51b/96
30-348 Kraków

Prices and fee options:

Caring and education Fees Caring and education Fees - additional information
Food FeesFood Fees - additional information
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The prices are valid until 31st of January 2018.

Monthly fee - additional information.

The first week at the Nursery is an adaptation week. In this week the care at the Nursery is free of charge. During this week the child has a chance to get used to the new environment of the Nursery and start the process of adjusting to it. The details and the plan of the adaptation week is organized individually for each child. 

The monthly fee includes everyday child care and education.

The fee includes:
  • Intensive English throughout the day (constant, bilingual childcare and English lessons with English Teachers)
  • Care of a psychologist
  • Reading activity with an English teacher
  • Music activity
  • Rehabilitation and gymnastic activity
  • Speech therapy
  • We organize the child's birthday in the Nursery (room decoration provided)
  • Social events like Halloween party, pyjamas party, Santa Claus, Fancy dress ball, Children’s day
  • Art activity materials
  • Water and tea

Food fees - additional information.

All-day-food includes breakfast, soup, main dish and snack.

You can also order separately breakfast, soup, lunch (soup and main dish) or snack.

Our catering company cooperates with dozens of schools and kindergartens in Krakow, has all necessary certificates and licenses relating to children's nutrition. It cooks delicious, and above all, healthy meals. Should your children have individual needs, we will compose a special menu for them.

Additional services - information.

Evening for mum and dad

Every Friday evening we can take care of children that attend our nursery. That evening, parents have the opportunity to spend some time on their own, while we take care of their kids. Evening runs from 17:30 to 21:30.


Daisy International Nursery is open from Monday to Friday, from 07:00 to 17:30.

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