Prices and fee options:

Caring and education Fees
Food Fees
Additional offers

The prices are valid until 31st of December 2019.

Additonal activities included in the monthly fee:

  • Intensive English throughout the day (constant, bilingual childcare and English lessons with English Teachers).
  • Care of a psychologist.
  • Music activity.
  • Rehabilitation and gymnastic activity.
  • Ceramics Activity.
  • Activity with a speech therapist.
  • Social events like Halloween party, pyjamas party, Santa Claus, Fancy dress ball, Children’s day.
  • Visual aids and educational materials.
  • Water and tea.

Additional paid activities (Optional):

  • Modern Dancing Lessons – every Tuesday, the fee is 85 pln per one semester of classes
  • Zumba for kids - classes once a week, price for one semester 95 pln
  • Sports climbing for kids – one class 55 zł (with an English speaking instructor)
  • Swimming pool activity – swimming lesson 55 zł (with an English speaking instructor)

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