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Daisy International Nursery Preschool was found in 2010 to provide the best education and care in a friendly and cozy home environment for Polish and International children who live in the Kraków area. In the Nurseries and the Preschool the education is provided in two languages Polish and English using the bilingual method. Daisy has three branches, two Nurseries and one Preschool.

The Nurseries are located at Grota-Roweckiego 51b/96 30-348 Kraków and at Grzegorzecka 76b, 31-559 Kraków. The Private Nurseries provides day care and early education for children aged 1-3,5 years. The Krymska 6c is the address for the Preschool Branch. Here we provide Preschool education for children aged from 2,5 up till 6 years.

In our Nursery and Preschool you can meet children from countries from all over the world like South Korea, Germany, Malesia, India, United States, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Turkey etc.

Our Nursery and Preschool ensures early education accompanied with a joyful, happy, calm and family atmosphere. Our goal is to give an opportunity to play and get to know and form relationships with children from other cultures. It gives our children a possibility to look at the world from a different perspective.

In our Nursery and Preschool we provide the highest standards of daily care on a foundation of nurturing love and attention. Hygiene, safety and social training are paramount to us, and our children are provided with the best possible education standards together with intensive English throughout the whole day.

What is special about DAISY:

  • Intensive English with an English Teacher throughout the day!
  • The highest quality of care with one Teacher for only 4‑5 children! - Individual approach to each child and home atmosphere.
  • Variety of activities prepared according to the Daisy Curriculum – for instance ceramics activity, music and eurythmic activity, speech therapist, rehabilitation and gymnastics activity, art activities and English lessons etc.
  • The highest hygiene and safety standards.
  • Independence training with individual approach for each child (potty training, eating skills training, hygiene routines training like brushing teeth, washing hands etc).
  • Highest Parents’ satisfaction – view parents’ opinions.

During the day children are taught with a bilingual method using two languages English and Polish. In this method while a teacher speaks to the children in Polish, the other teacher communicates the same concept/idea in English. The English speaking teacher communicates with the children in English during the day as well. When our Polish speaking teachers say “Zaśpiewajmy i zatańczmy” the English speaking teachers say ”Let’s sing and dance” – in this way children naturally and without any effort get to know elementary phrases in English. This method has also been created for foreign children, so they will be able to learn the foundation of English and Polish as well.

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