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Daisy International Nursery's was founded 2010,. The Nurseries are located in Kraków the Ruczaj area and Grzegórzki area. We not only provide care and education for Polish children but also for all international children who live in the Kraków area. The care is handeled in both Polish and English, so parents of international children can be sure that they will be able to communicate with the Nursery Carers in English.

Our Nursery provides care for children, between the ages of 1 and 3,5 years it ensures early education accompanied with a joyful, happy, calm and family atmosphere. Our goal is to give an opportunity to play and get to know and form relationships with children from other cultures. It gives our children a possibility to look at the world from a different perspective.

In our Nursery we provide the highest standards of daily care on a foundation of nurturing love and attention. Hygiene, safety and social training are paramount to us, and our children are provided with the best possible education standards together with intensive English throughout the whole day.

Main advantages of Daisy:

  1. Intensive English throughout the day!
  2. The highest quality of care with one Teacher for only 5 children! - individual approach to each child and home atmosphere.
  3. Variety of activities prepared according to the Daisy Curriculum – for instance music and eurythmic activity, speech stimulation activity, rehabilitation and gymnastics activity, art activities and English lessons etc.
  4. The highest hygiene and safety standards.
  5. Independence training with individual approach for each child (potty training, eating skills training, hygiene routines training like brushing teeth, washing hands etc).
  6. Highest Parents’ satisfaction – view parents’ opinions.

We consider psychological, physical and language development to be very important elements in a child’s upbringing. The selection of working personnel was carried out with this goal in mind.

The psychologist has the opportunity to observe the children’s cognitive, emotional and social development. She sets development goals for children and gives instructions to the carers on how to help children achieve them quickly. She informs parents about any behavioral problems and makes family consultations if necessary in order to correct these behaviors. She cooperates with the families to stimulate children’s growth and development.

The Nursery teachers organize activities to stimulate the development of our children. Among them naming art, singing songs and speaking exercises. They are also here to help children to learn and practice how to become independent.

They also help our children to learn new words in English chosen according to their age. The teaching methods are all focused on playing and having fun, singing Nursery rhymes and songs, moving around, showing body parts and finding objects and toys around the Nursery

The rehabilitation specialist observes children’s biological and physical growth. She advises the carers on how to handle the children and how to stimulate their physical development.

The speech therapist organizes group speech stimulation activities for our children.

In our Nursery each child-minder takes care of maximum 5 children.

According to researches bilingual children are more creative and show higher performances in intelligence tests.

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