English Reading Activity

As we know all the habits gained during children’s early years are effective in later years of their lives. During early years children take the adults as their role-models and they try to imitate their behaviors. As Daisy International Nursery we wish for our children to earn good habits that will positively influence their future lives. We made this our goal.

During the reading activity our English teacher reads stories to the children in English, books are also given to the children, they are made to sit on a blanket.

The elementary goals of this activity are:

Music and eurhythmics activity

Music and eurhythmics activity

The music and eurhythmics activity is made in English by a music specialist.

During the music and dance hours, English songs for children are sung while the children dance together, so that they can learn new English words in a natural and joyful way.

We use a keyboard, guitar and other musical instrument to accompany the songs and moves of the children. Music activity helps the children to bild up their self-esteem to gain control over their bodies

Song for our kids

Physical activity under the control of a rehabilitation specialist

The physical activity is prepared by a rehabilitation specialist.

Physical activities’ goals are (organised according to the child’s age):

  • Speeding up the improvement of physical and mental abilities of children.
  • Improvements of joints and muscles.
  • Gymnastics will also help in improving the social aspects of children.
  • Building up self confidence skills and abilities in the children.


At this stage of childhood, such exercises are very important for the development of body muscles, since it is important during the early childhood to adopt sports as a lifestyle.

The children who start to play exercises at this stage are proven to increase their self–esteem and success at the school.

It is very important for our children’s bodies to be kept healthy and in good shape.

We also pay a lot of attention to our children’s sitting position, so that it will be always the right sitting method.

Physical activity under the control of a rehabilitation specialist

Activity with a speech therapist

During the examination and observation the speech therapist analyses the cognitive function of the child that later has huge emphasis on the language and speech development. Among them are:

All of these are crucial for the child to develop his language skills. Language and speech are the key tools to explore and learn the world and to become a part of it as a social being. It helps to adopt adapting to new environments.

The Speech Therapist organizes group activities as well.

Artistic activitiesArtistic activities

At our drawing hours, children spend an enjoyable time. The real intended point is to ensure their psychomotor development. Sometimes the shape of the inner world of children is reflected by scribbling on paper, thus achieving the coordination between hands and brain. The paintings drawn by the children are kept with their parents then at the end of every month they will be shared and hanged at specially made boards in our nursery.

Game timeGame time

During our playing hours at our Nursery, we pay a lot of attention and we overrate the fun activities. To ensure the comfort of our children during their playing time, there is a room specially designed for free playing. At this room, there are different types of toys specially selected according to the age group of the children. By attending these activities does not only amuse the children but also helps to stimulate their psychological and motor development.

At our free play room, children can reach toys easily with their hands even without the help of their teachers, and after playing toys are returned to their places easily.

With our free playing hours, our nursery aim to the following points:

The birthday partiesThe birthday parties

At our nursery we celebrate the birthdays of all our children. During the birthday celebration, children play with their friends surrounded by balloons and beautiful birthday decorations.

We ask parents to bring the birthday cake for the birthday child (the cake must be brought with the receipt from the patisserie), we dance and play together. With this way of celebrating birthdays, the child will feel his/her importance and value, at the same time children will spend this special and beautiful day along with their beloved ones happily. Such days will help in connecting children with each other and to share the beautiful moments together.

Pyjamas partiesPyjamas parties

Once every month, we arrange a pyjama party where the children bring their own pyjamas that they wear at home, at a previously determined hour we bring the beds to the Play Room which will be beautifully decorated with baloons. Our teachers will tell them stories and sing songs and dance together, so that children will feel much happier.


Ceramics activity

Letting the children try and develop their creativity is one of the best ways to prepare them to live in the modern world. The artistic activities increase the curiosity towards the world, boosts up the self esteem and imagination. The ceramics activity allows children to explore their creativity, it activates and develops the manual abilities of the hand. The lesson always effect in non-modified compositions of the little artists.

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