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Daisy International Nursery
Daisy International Nursery
ul. Grzegórzecka 76 B
31-559 KRAKÓW Nursery Number: 730 004 552
For enrollment: (+48) 518 730 818

Important information.

Parents who would like to register their child in our Nursery are kindly requested to set a meeting time by contacting us on the telephone or by e-mail.

Baby’s Nursery Kit.

Things to be brought for your baby to the Nursery:

  1. A pair of clean shoes to wear in the Nursery (preferable without shoelaces).
  2. Spare clothes for change – body, t-shirt, trousers, socks (marked with the child’s name and surname).
  3. Toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic cup (marked with the child’s name and surname).
  4. Towel (marked with the child’s name and surname).
  5. Pillow, blanket, bed-sheet (preferably with an elastic band- marked with the child’s name and surname).
  6. For children that use diapers – diapers (minimum 5 for each day, you can bring more than 5, we have storage shelf for each child) diaper rush cream, baby-wipes.

Parents are kindly requested to bring a doctor’s report stating that the child is healthy and can attend the Nursery.

For the safety and health of our children parents are asked to bring their children only when they are healthy. In case of any health problems occurring parents will be immediately informed about the problem and asked to pick up their child from the Nursery.

For the safety of our children; we kindly ask the parents to take off any dangerous objects if worn by the baby (earrings, chains, watches, small hair pins etc.) when they come to the Nursery.

Download Baby's Nursery Kit as PDF, print it and don't forget!

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